The Stories



Boogie became part of Oregon Animal Care Center after he showed up on our site one day.  At only two years old Boogie broke through a fence and wandered onto our facility.  We had no idea where he came from.  Six months later his owners responded to an ad about a missing horse and came out to see him.  They decided to let him stay with Oregon Animal Care Center as he had a vital role with OACC.  He is gentle and kind and worked very well with young people.  A young girl going through a great deal of personal trauma came daily to spend time with Boogie and the bond they shared encouraged her to seek a career in veterinary medicine.   He is silly and has a childlike personality.  Always getting into something including the laundry room if possible.  


Miss Fancy Pants

Miss Fancy Pants has been with Oregon Animal for almost 20 years . She and her mother were our first equine rescues.  Fancy is still very vigilant about her surroundings but has become a very loving horse through constant reassurance.  Her mother will be remember forever.  We rescued her mother Lisa and Fancy came too.  Both mother and child spent their entire lives together with OACC.  We lost Lisa (her mother) due to old age.  This is one of the few times I know of that a mother and daughter in the equine world were allowed  to live their lives together.  


Tessa Maria

Tessa is the greatest equine story I've been lucky enough to share.  This horse arrived with multiple issues deeming her by others as dangerous to humans and recommended we euthanize her.  NOT A CHANCE AT OACC.  She has been with us for over 15 years and she has the best ground manners and the biggest heart of all of our rescues.  She overcame a history of abuse that most would never wish on their worst enemy.  She has the scars on her face to show what man will do to dominate another species.  She is so good with children and likes to mother anything from a chicken to a baby cow.  She is loved! 



Rescued September 12, 2017.  Scheduled to be euthanized OACC jumped in to save her.  Transported from the East side of Oregon to live out her days with OACC.  She is gentle, kind, loving and so people oriented that if she wasn't so big she would prefer to live in your house!  She is the love of our life and has the heart of all of us.  She is so good with children.  She arrived with a huge tumor in her ear.  It took a lot of money in vet bills to get her healthy.  We were all excited when we got the news that her tumor wasn't cancer.   


Buddy and Touche"

Buddy and Touche' are very special.  This is a brother and sister from the largest horse rescue OACC has ever been involved with.  These horses bounced from foster home to foster home.  Now they are living permanently with their foster family in Aurora Oregon.  These horses live with celebrities, at least we think so.  Linda and Wayne have given these two kids a wonderful life.  Wayne is the brother to Penny Williams from Happy Days and the cousin to Merle Haggard.  



RIP to Velvet.  An x race horse.   This horse was dropped off at our facility with just a note.  Please take care of her.  We don't know where she came from just that she was about 20 years old and had been on a race track.  She suffered from anxiety when she arrived but soon with a lot of love she became the love of our lives.  She was so good with children.   This was the kindest most gentle creature anyone of us had ever been around.  She lived with OACC over 15 years.  We miss her and she can never be replaced.